Dear MedTrends Participants,

we kindly invite you to participate in an international conference „MedTrends – European Modern Health Care Forum” which will take place in Zabrze, on 16-17.05.2017.

Main aim of this international meeting, where among attendants are leading experts representing cardiology, cardiac surgery, diabetology, general practice, bioengineering, novel technologies, is to exchange knowledge and experience with representatives of different specialities, regions and countries.

The conference is organized by I Silesian Park of Medical Technology – Kardio-Med Silesia. Main partners and co-organizers of MedTrends 2017 include City of Zabrze and Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze – a modern, highly specialized heart center, recognized nationwide and internationally for its outstanding clinical and scientific achievements in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery.

Addressees of the conference:

  1. Doctors (cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, oncologists, diabetologists, therapists, GPs) and medical personnel
  2. Scientists – representatives of medicine and related sciences, sociology, psychology, politics, health, bioengineering, biotechnology, informatics
  3. Physiotherapists, coaches and health trainers, nutritionists
  4. Students of medicine and related fields
  5. Managers and managers of medical facilities
  6. Administration (representatives of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund, local government organizations)
  7. Public and private entities involved in health promotion
  8. Patients and all those interested in a healthy lifestyle
  9. Investors looking for new projects and medical ideas
  10. Producers of telemedicine solutions
  11. Everyone interested in innovative solutions in healthcare

Join us!

Main topics of the conference:

  1. TELEMEDICINE – facts, experience, practice: European experience in modern health management: where are we in 2017?
  2. Modern e- & m-Health solutions in daily clinical practice
  3. Care & anytime anywhere – role of telemedicine in disease management
  4. Engage-Educate-Empower: m-health in the light of new EU guidelines on mobile apps assessment.
  5. Safety first – remote monitoring in patients with AFib
  6. Health city – smart health
  7. 3D pring in cardiology, cardiac surgery and ortho
  8. Internet of Things in medicine
Further details about MedTrends 2017 Conference will be available soon – we invite you to visit our website.

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